Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New jacket required

I shared the UK paperback artwork for Free Agent - now it's time for the US cover art. It will be published on June 29, and all the details are in Penguin's summer 2010 catalogue, which can be found online here. I have a PDF of the final version of the jacket, but can't work out how to post that here. But the version in the catalogue is pretty much what it will look like, so here it is. Very different from the British cover, as you can see - but I really like this one, too. What do you think? Click to enlarge the picture for a closer look, and feel free to comment below.


  1. Love that new cover! Nice play with the colours, just that little hint of Union Jack there in the angles. London skyline makes the city seem on (Soviet-red) fire, also very eye-catching.

    Only thing I feel is wrong here: the modern Beretta. A Tokarev, as with the first UK edition, would have been better. Even more fitting would have been Dark's own Luger, but that might have given a wrong idea on the cover.

    Anyway, like it a lot; think I will have to get one of these for my collection of FREE AGENT editions! ;)

  2. Thanks very much for the comments, Liam - delighted you like it! (Nice user-name, by the way.) You know I said this is pretty much the same as the final cover, but I couldn't post that because it's a PDF? Well, the final version has a Tokarev. :) The Penguin logo is also in the bottom left corner, but other than that it looks like this.

  3. Ah, I love this one! It's somethin with the colours - they work great together! The best one yet.

    Try saving the PDF as a JPEG... On Mac's that's pretty easy not too sure how to do it on a PC.