Thursday, October 27, 2011

I spy with my little eye

  • An interesting article in Nature on how a US intelligence agency is studying whether social media can predict social unrest.
  • After 10 series spanning nine years, British spy drama Spooks has come to the end of its run. There were several articles about it in the British press, but my favourite was this one in The Daily Telegraph by spy novelist Jon Stock (perhaps because I'm mentioned in it).
  • Who said the KGB was dead? A good old-fashioned honey-trap spy scandal.
  • It's silly season for articles about the next James Bond film - well, when isn't it, really? Ben Child of The Guardian has his cake and eats it, using an article in The Sunday Express which he bemoans as smacking of 'join-the-dots journalism' as the basis for his own article, in which he joins, um, precisely the same dots.

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